Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maldon – Holy Trinity - Anglican – Victoria - 1861

Maldon is a small town in Victoria which is known for many old (for Australia), buildings.  This Anglican church was open, so I went in, such a gorgeous wee church.

Holy Trinity Church of England, High Street, Maldon, forms part of the important historic townscape of the former gold-mining town of Maldon, one of the most notable in Victoria. Holy Trinity Church is a landmark in the town, has historical associations and is architecturally of note. The church is the largest building in the town constructed in local stone and is notable also for its interior fittings. Gothic Revival in style, Holy Trinity is very typical in both design and detailing.

This is a stone church erected in 1861 to the designs of architect D R Drape. Various additions include the vestry (1862), gallery (1862), transepts (1860s), chancel (1886), porch (1889) and iron palisade fence (1880s/90s). Construction is in local stone with Harcourt granite dressings. Features of the design are the bell-cote, windows, gable details, buttresses and internally the organ and stained glass are distinctive.

Holy Trinity Church of England, High Street, Maldon, is in good condition and is very largely intact. 

Reference:    Place ID: 4236

Maldon – Presbyterian - Victoria (Circa 1870s)


On a visit to the small town of Maldon in Victoria we came across this church, I think it is so very pretty.
I was not able to get any closer to find out more information on  it,  as rain was starting to fall. 

Malmsbury VIC - Church For Sale

This lovely old church has a For Sale sign on it, I felt so sad, I hope the person who buys it loves it.  So many facets of life have taken place in this church, Christenings, Weddings, and Funeral, Joy and Sadness.  I don’t know the age of this previous church, but at a guess I would say  it would be circa of  1860s.

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